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Why Does Life Feel So Crazy?

Are you running in circles? Constantly adding to a to-do list that never gets completed? Unable to find time to fit in what you really want to do? Are you overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, irritable, and exhausted?  The chaos of everyday demands can be overwhelming, but how can you change all the things that need to get done?

Changing demands

Does it feel like the demands of each day come flying at you like mosquitoes in July? Varying from insistent, annoying, uncontrollable, painful and even carrying threats to your health? Bygone traditional chores for the week consisted of: laundry on Monday, ironing on Tuesday, sewing on Wednesday, market day on Thursday, cleaning day on Friday and baking day on Saturday. Each chore used to take hours and hours to complete by hand and required full days. But let’s not forget about Sunday, declared a day of rest.

Change-For Better and Worse

 Advances in technology have indeed made many daily tasks easier. But along with motor cars, electric appliances, permanent press, and manufactured clothing, came households with multiple adults focusing on work beyond, but still including, caring for our homes. Multiple workers of course brought in multiple paychecks and increased options to fill our time. But can I ask you when was the last time you took a day of rest on any day of the week (unless of course you are so ill your body is mandating you remain in bed!) A typical day might look something like this for many-on every weekday: up a dawn to exercise before waking the household, making breakfast, feeding the dog, packing lunches, gathering homework, dropping kids at school, rushing into work, managing work tasks efficiently enough to remain employed, pick up kids, drop at afterschool activities, running errands for self and/or older family members, taking your turn as ride share driver,  preparing or picking up dinner, eating, cleaning up, monitoring homework, throwing in a load of laundry, bath/bedtime routines, collapsing and getting enough sleep to do it all again in a few hours. Weekends can be consumed with kids games/lessons, prep for the week ahead, and those home care tasks that used to consume the entire week.

If children are not part of your equation, the schedule is often filled with a different list of things that must be done, equally as important and equally as time consuming. If you are retired the schedule may provide a few more spaces to sit quietly, but most likely the hours are filled with yet a different set of things that must be done, equally as important and time consuming! Does the chaos ever ease? And what about that day of rest?! Or how about even a few moments of quiet without electricity, screens or thoughts spinning in turmoil? I think that’s called peace.

A Journey Awaits

The activities that create the busy-ness of life may change, but they never seem to decrease. At least that is my experience, and that of many of my friends and family. If you have too much time on your hands and can’t find anything to do, this is probably not a blog for you. But please, write one of your own and let me know how you got there!

My journey from chaos to peace is not complete, and I don’t anticipate it ever will be. But surprisingly, it has changed (on good days) from one driven by what I thought must be done in order to feel acceptable to others, to one where I at least think about how my deeper wants and needs fit into the picture. I will elaborate on what those deeper wants and needs are and how I sifted them out of the daily demand heap, in future posts. I can’t tell you it was easy, that there were no stumbles and falls along the way, or that only one sifting was required. But I can tell you it was worth the effort and my life is more peaceful because of it