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Why Does Life Feel So Crazy?

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly juggling tasks, struggling to find time to even think about what would calm that gnawing sense of discomfort inside? Do you ever feel overwhelmed, frustrated or exhausted? The relentless demands of daily life can leave us feeling like we’re running in circles, trying to keep up with an ever-growing to-do list. But we must soldier on because things need to get done, right?

The Evolution of Demands

The demands of modern life can feel like a swarm of mosquitoes in the heat of summer–insistent, annoying, impossible to control, and even threatening to your health. Gone are the days of designated chores for each day of the week that often required hours to complete by hand. Technological advances have undoubtedly made certain tasks more manageable, and offered the freedom for both men and women to pursue higher education and build careers. But along with these changes, the traditional eight hour workday no longer has boundaries. Multitasking and busyness has become an expectation. Sunday used to be thought of as a day of rest. When was the last time you allowed yourself such a day, free from the fierce pace of modern life? (Without being so ill your body mandated you remain in bed!)

A Day in the Life

A typical day can feel like a non-stop marathon, from the crack of dawn to the late hours of the evening. Whether it’s managing household chores, shuttling kids to various activities or balancing work and personal responsibilities,┬áthere is often little time left to take a few breaths or quietly reflect before collapsing in bed to get enough sleep to do it all again in a few hours. Weekends are also consumed by a never-ending list of unfinished tasks. Even planned activities for fun can be interrupted by phone calls, or feel crunched between other obligations.

Embracing the Journey

The landscapes of our life may change, but the demands never seem to diminish. My own experiences, as well as those of many others, have taught me that finding moments of peace and tranquility amid chaos is an ongoing challenge. While my path towards peace is far from complete, I’ve begun to shift my focus from simply meeting external expectations to considering my deeper desires and needs. It hasn’t been a smooth journey and I’ve stumbled along the way, but the effort has been worthwhile. In future posts, I’ll share my stories of discovering my deepest fears and desires, including the surprises along the way. It is a journey that continues to unfold, but one that has undeniably brought more peace into my life.

My hope is that sharing my stories will inspire you to explore and discover your own path toward greater peace.